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Are you seeking ~ Greater Alignment with your True Nature?

Nattalee takes a no-nonsense and comprehensive approach to serve your needs and desire for positive change.

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Professional Development Package

Discover and align with your

  • Strengths and Competencies at work
  • Leadership Effectivness
  • Blueprint for results

You are skilled at a lot of things. –  Do know which skills are your sweet spot and attract results?

Alignment & Fulfillment Package

When you are aligned with your Design:

  • You’ll make more confident choices
  • Feel more relaxed and present
  • Have harmony and less stress

No more second-guessing. Connect with your Design and watch your life transform.

Human Design Chart
Personal Relationship Package

Experience profound healing and love

Discover what inhibits your relationship connections

  • Release your negative patterns
  • Be more present and less reactiven
  • Generate more compassion
The Venus Sequence Human Design


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