• Want to you know who you are ~ profoundly? Ever wonder why 'things' are the way they are for you, but not for others? From these Advanced sessions, you will understand your past and set your trajectory for a more authentic, expressed life. The Advanced includes the Beginners plus an expanded look at your Centers, Channels, Gates, and Incarnation Cross.  
  • Are you seeking ~ Greater Alignment with your True Nature?

    Nattalee takes a no-nonsense and comprehensive approach to serve your needs and desire for positive change. Don’t know where to start? Book your free 20 minute consultation

  • Are you looking for a breakthrough in an area of your business? Want to clarify the best career track for your future? This Advanced session focuses on your strengths, gifts, and unique success formula for your professional relationships and development. You'll discover how your leadership impacts teams and organizations,  your talent superpower, and how you get sustainable results, and so much more. The Genius Report is adapted from your Human Design chart.
  • This is the perfect place to start if you are new to Human Design. Discover the essentials about your Human Design Type and how to apply it in real life.
  • Ready to activate and align with your Life’s Purpose? You were born with your life purpose. Seek no more! The transmission of your Prime Gifts will unlock, activate, and give your direction and certainty.
  • Do you want to experience more profound love and connection? The Venus Sequence is a precise matrix of an individuals’ Sacred Wound and the path to healing. You can understand and rewire your emotional pain and confusion that arises in close relationships.  This session points the way to your wholeness and having more love. Many say the Venus Sequence has given them more than they got in five years of psychotherapy.
  • Each Human Design Aura Type has a unique set of strategies for alignment as well as breathing patterns. This guided meditation will
    • Give you an experience of your specific breathing pattern
    • Guide you to your still point
    • Heighten your awareness of  mindfulness practices
    • Increase the positivity in your life
    • Demonstrate a practice to release negative influences
    • Increase your radiance and joy
  • You were born into greatness. It’s time to unleash your innate power within and tune into your unique gifts and talents. It’s time! It’s your time! This indispensable guide can
    • Shift the mindset of your past
    • Make reaching your goals fun
    • Elevate your business or next career move
    See below for details.
  • Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for everything in your life. Sync-up your alignment through Human Design.

    The Human Design System provides a holistic understanding of your physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment. Do you push to get what you want and then feel exhausted or unfulfilled? Have you been pulled off track or lose your energy to please others? These types of misalignments began happening early on from parents, teachers, and well-meaning authority figures. Unaware, it was easier to treat children the same, placing desks in a straight row, and punishment to correct behavior. Unfortunately, these conditions did not allow each child to bloom as its unique flower.
  • Bringing Out the Best in You!

    Do others follow your leadership? It’s time to unleash your leader within! Now more than ever your business, family, community, and beyond needs good leadership. Make this the year to create an empowering mindset and habits that generate quality opportunities and skills to influence others.  In a matter of weeks you can:
    • Feel more confident leading others
    • Reset your priorities for success
    • Learn resilience skills

    40-minute Breakthrough Session, Based on your Human Design Chart – First Time Clients Only

    Are you new to Human Design? Not new, but seeking to be more aligned with your nature and innate intelligence? Are you a Role Model seeking guidance? Nattalee will answer your questions with precision!
  • This includes a 60-minute recording and a Keynote Handout, you’ll uncover
    • Your behaviors patterns that interfere with relating
    • Practical tools to self-nurture and keep you centered
    • Simple communication approaches for each to cultivate harmony