Timing is everything, isn’t it!? For over 30 years I’ve been tuning in with the planets as a compass and guidance for more favorable opportunities and outcomes.
During April 2017 we have five planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) retrograding. Retrograde (apparent backward motion) period are times for us to review, readjust, reunite, reconsider, reconnect and re-access.

April is also a great time to revisit the basics of your Human Design Chart.

One of the biggest challenges we face from our collective Western society is an overemphasis on MORE. Putting too much focus on improving, doing more, adding on or having more. Commonly most resist letting go of what’s not serving them, cutting off the fuel to obtain more of what they need.
How about you?  Would you like to be more aligned with your best energy?

Generators ~ Do you find yourself initiating and pursuing relationships or business opportunities that eventually leave you feeling over-spent, frustrated or used?
Projectors ~ Have you wondered why, while giving your best intentions and suggestions, people get annoyed and don’t want to connect with you?
Manifestors ~ Are you caught in the habit of giving, volunteering or doing all your detail work only to find you feel angry or afraid to start something new?
Reflectors ~ Do you feel lost or disappointed because you don’t know what you want and others do not allow you the time you need to gain your clarity?
These are just some of the ways of thinking and behaving that drain our energy, pull us off track and stuck in toxic situations. This month, we are offering a series of Tele-Gatherings by Type. This event is closed.
Would it serve you to…

  • Get your body/vehicle and your mind aligned and harmonious for a better life & more fuel in your tank
  • Engage with a small group of like minds
  • Explore Human Design specific to your Type
  • Associate with a Human Design Coach with over 18 years’ experience