Marketing Tips for Generators

GROW YOUR BUSINESS ALIGNED WITH YOUR DESIGN Generator and Manifesting Generators also referred to as a Builder is one of the four Human Design Types that carries the energy supply for people and projects. Their life force energy regenerates and unfolds when it is in response to the environment. The Builder's life force calls to be utilized, not given away to just anything but used in a way that brings satisfaction and enjoyment to them in return. The Builder's challenge as a business owner or team leader is they [...]

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Generators Wanted: Seasonal Work

The Generator’s strategy for life is to wait to respond. Sounds easy, to wait, right?! For most, this statement stirs confusion and wonderment. The mental gymnastics begin with something like; How does that work, or how long do I have to wait, or what am I waiting for, or what is a response? In our fast-paced, microwaveable, twitter-world we live in, there doesn’t appear to be much support or encouragement to wait for anything. I had an Expressive Art group experience that shined a light on my Generator process, [...]

Generators – Living Your Design

Living Your Design as a Generator Our life journey through Human Design is a fascinating one. Generators, who are willing and have the courage to live their Design are promised a life of wonder and surprise. The first time I consciously practiced my strategy, I refused an invitation to attend a workshop that normally I would have said "yes" to. I thought it was odd but I went with the experiment. Instead, on the day of the workshop, I realized I had no plans for the day. In an instant [...]

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