For almost two decades, I have been writing and teaching how to navigate challenging and unexpected changes. In hindsight, those days were only the boot camp preparation for what we are all facing now.

My medicine for roller coasting through life has always been significant doses of authenticity and transparency. To be authentic, you must know who you are before being it.

The integrity and sustainability we desire for our future reside within each of us.

The more we live by our authentic nature, creative possibilities find us.

Recently, I heard a singer and songwriter explained where and how her newest song came to form.

She said she was walking at one of her favorite nature trails near Sedona, Arizona. Out of nowhere, she could feel a ball of energy or wave coming towards her. She stood still and allowed the force to go through her. She said the energy was fast and easy, and as it passed, she could hear words.

Instantly, she turned and ran back to the house where she was staying, grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down every word before it could pass her by like the wind.

To her amazement and pleasure, the poem/song was complete and coherent as she had heard it on the trail. In the past, she shared, many times it has taken two years to write something so magnificent.

When you are true to your gifts and talents * feel calm and centered * trust * and nurture your authentic self…

Creative opportunities happen naturally!
  • Even though, we are living in the worst of times,
  • You can choose to focus on and cultivate the BEST in you.
  • Each of us is born with unique talents, genius, and life purpose. We are complete, brilliant, and incomparable masterpieces.

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