We’ve heard from many wise teachers that the best way to progress in life is by appreciating what is already working for us.

I learned this firsthand some years ago when I felt challenged with my coaching practice. My marketing efforts were a burden, and my calendar was full of meet-and-greet sessions. I was busy and productive.

Yet, something was out of order. I felt anxious, impatient, and frustrated with my results.

Then, a friend sent me this quote: “Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.” Reading this quote made it seem like a light bulb came into my head, which became an impetus for me to upgrade my business practices.

Here are the core essences of appreciation that I discovered.

Letting go of expectations

I was ‘doing’ all the ‘right’ things to grow my business. I thought if I did this, then that would happen. My error was that I had forgotten to find and add more joy to my communications. In other words, my mind led my actions instead of my heart.

Compassion and deep listening

I sought help and worked with a coach for almost a year.  Her program revealed that my impatience and frustration were getting in the way of my success. With practice, I authentically added more compassion and better listening with my potential and existing clients.

Appreciation on the outside

I recognized that I had been taking my life’s opportunities and support for granted. To shift that, I set an intention to slow down and sincerely express gratitude. The appreciation was in my heart, and I needed to speak it out loud. On the occasions when I was rushed or not fully sincere, I reviewed the scene in my mind later and sent that person or experience appreciation, as if they were in front of me at that moment.

Appreciation on the inside

The most significant discovery in upgrading my practice was the impact of appreciating myself. After all, I was the instrument and the consciousness. I identified there are endless possibilities to appreciate and add joy to ourselves, from mundane tasks to our attitudes. I approached appreciating myself like an innocent child, discovering and playing with countless options.

Appreciation is an essence that runs to eternity. At any moment, we can tap into the pleasure of appreciation by witnessing our breath, vulnerabilities, self-care, risks, willingness, success, and so much more.

My journey as a life coach and business owner has brought me valuable lessons about the power of appreciation and remembering, “Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.”

May your journey to success be about what you achieve and how you appreciate and cherish what you already have.

Are you ready to experience authentic joy?

Nattalee K Lillico Human Design Coach

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