Do you wish for someone to tell you what to do with your life ~ so you can be happy, feel fulfilled, or spiritually connected?

Have you longed to feel more comfortable in your skin ~
desiring to feel more precise and confident in your approach?

I was a seeker too! Twenty years ago, I was seeking to find healthy ways to release my stress and agitation. I had significant questions, like who am I.  2019 marks my 20th anniversary of discovering my inner Guru.

If you’re seriously interested in recapture the golden Guru inside of you, perhaps my story can be of service to you too.

From Chaos to Order

Before knowing my Human Design Strategy as a Sacral Generator, I behaved as a Manifesting Generator, a very controlling one at that. My unconscious program was to manage everyone and everything in my life to perfection. I approached and supported many people, but inside, I felt empty.

My life was exhausting!

When I heard the words, “your life works best when you wait to respond,” I was shocked and surprised. I had have never considered waiting for anyone or anything.

It didn’t take me long to concluded I had nothing to lose and was eager to see what would happen in my reality when I tried this strategy “wait and respond.”

The internet was not as it is today; instead of searching online, my resources were live training and workshops. My education was presented in layers; learning and experimenting with the four Types, then the different Inner Authorities, followed by the Centers. Like a fish to water, I resonated with this logical process.

To cultivate my inner Guru, that was up to me. Each day I vowed to notice my gut response, and then observe what happened when I followed (or not) ‘my Truth.’

Within a few years, friends asked me to help them understand their chart, then they would tell other people, and they would ask me to help them.  My next obvious step was to get my certification to become an analyst.

Have you turned your life over to your inner Guru?

The Guru lives within our emotions

Human Design steered me to make better choices, understand my purpose, my role in life, and much more.

However, decades of self-help and therapy had failed to show me how to stabilize my mental and emotional wounding. I was held back in my relationships.

I had always been afraid of my emotions nor knew how to express them.

Can you relate? So little in life prepares us for human connection and the inevitable conflict between people.

Through a series of unforeseen and serendipitous events, I had the fortune to attend a five-day training with Richard Rudd for his only Venus Sequence training in the US (2006). The impact of this instruction dramatically changed me. I continued with several more years of additional educational support so that I could help others.

The second key to cultivate your inner guru is through the intelligence of the Venus Sequence.

Where I use to be hard and demanding in my relationships, I now had access to my compassion, more aware of my reactions, and how to alter my behaviors to become more present, kind, and inclusive in relating.

Knowing how to soothe and care for me during upsets or disagreements was priceless. I found the answers to my freedom.

The Guru goes to work

The final key to cultivating your inner guru is through the exploration of a professional profiling tool called the Genius Report. The creators of the 64 Keys Software and Genius Report, both business consultants and devoted and avid students of the Human Design System, captured the most relevant aspects of the system to assist others in their professional endeavors.

My most significant experience from this study was a transformation with my professional collaborations.  For me to see results in business, I need strong partnerships with those who also need to work with one other person. Seeing this in my report caused me to reevaluate all my associations. I moved away from some without second-guessing and established better criteria for future partnering.

Since 2016 I have profiled hundreds of professionals who were seeking answers for a more fulfilling career or how to get more results from their efforts.

What aspects of business make you come alive and encourage results?

Imagine ~ entering your next career move or project, feeling confident in your unique working style and talents.

It is my greatest passion to serve and empower others to have the most authentic life and expression.

Are you ready to move from hope, faith, even trust,
to knowing your inner guru is alive and alert?

I invite you to join me in celebrating my Twentieth Anniversary.

Consider, which area of your life you want to transform?

  • Living your purpose
  • Having more harmony in your relationships
  • Empowering your career or leadership

Nattalee is available for a private consultation, on-going coaching, workshops and presentations on Aligning with your Design and applying this revolutionary science for personal and professional success.
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