3 Module Course with over 20 video lessons & 90 page workbook

A proven program for clarity, tools and freedom to….

Short explantation of the program, structure and the way it works.

Do you really understand your Time & Money?

Would you like to understand
Control of your calendar
Finances and resources
Based on your Human Design Chart
Unique to you

Further explantation of the power of knowing some of the above points that impact everyday life to generate proven results, freedom to be yourself and a proven pathway to success and alignment.

What’s included?

Module 1

  • 10 Videos

  • 20 Page workbook

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Module 2

  • 10 Videos

  • 20 Page workbook

Explanation of the module focus, tease here.

Module 3

  • 10 Videos

  • 20 Page workbook

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Your guide
Human Design Expert

Nattalee K Lillico - Human Design and Life Purpose Coach

Nattalee K Lillico, rated in the top 50 best life coaches in the world by Freedom Education, has been my trusted mentor, friend, and teacher of human potential for over a decade. She is deeply intuitive, highly skilled in understanding the conscious and unconscious minds, and can tap into your blocks that are not visible from the outside. In her session, she will teach you how to master the biggest block that keeps entrepreneurs from living in their design: overwhelm.


“I had accomplished a lot in my career by WORKING SO HARD to make things happen. I felt unsatisfied and unfinished. I used to doubt whether I had followed the right path. I questioned how to find more FLOW and ease in my life.
With Nattalee’s coaching, I released tremendous stress and pressure and found more peace of mind almost immediately. Her coaching style and structures brought me results. Within weeks, I got four new contracts with two more in the works!
What is the most fantastic life changer is I discovered what I want to be when I grow up! My path is clear as a bell.
I’ve already referred Nattalee to many friends and when you have the opportunity, which is NOW, find out more about who you are… and get some indispensable tools for your life journey.”

Maria – Best Selling Author and Real Estate Developer

Round up of the program in black and white:

  • Pre-questionnaire to introduce yourself and your business to Nattalee

  • 6 High-Level HD Teachings Specifically for Business Expansion for YOUR Design
  • 6 Implementation calls with Nattallee, your Expert Level Human Design Mentor and Coach
  • 50+ page Workbook with engaging writing prompts, time-tested practices to integrate learning, and tools you use to keep you on track long after the program ends

The TMA Masterclass gives you
the proven tools and knowledge to change your life.

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