At a 2014 Winter Solstice ceremony, we were invited to pick a word or phrase for our coming year. What I heard in my Being was “trust.” What a ‘nice’ word, I thought. That sounded safe and manageable, right!?

What I did not consider then was how I would learn or express “trust.”  Since December 21, I have been tested over and over again to trust my next step, hour, day, conversation, response, disappointment, my insight, and on it goes.
My experiences have brought me to my knees in gratitude over and over again. I am most thankful for following my inner guidance of 30 years of Meditation, Yoga, Astrology, Human Design and other alternative and leadership studies I have assimilated.

Having these tools and ancient wisdom as a foundation has allowed me to face survival issues with Grace and very little recovery time. The details of my experience are not pertinent. I imagine you as well have had your inner tsunami to navigate.

My wish is that you find a stronger and more authentic YOU when the winds subside.

In the last week, I’ve sensed a shift in our energies. It feels like we can take a breath/break. It feels like we can allow all those extraordinary and unexpected experiences we’ve had this year just to settle in…and perhaps a chance to In-Joy ourselves.

I invite you to be open to more breath and more Grace in your life.

How about you?  Have you learned how to trust yourself, your decisions, and your Life?

Do you feel confident to let go of those places and people that are out of your influence?

Are you clear on your priorities for the rest of the year?
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