Do you carry a 6th Line in your Profile:
6/2, 6/3, 4/6, or 3/6?

Join other 6th Line Beings in this Tele-gathering

6th Line Being, are you aware of these inherent themes in your life?

  •  Wondering why others don’t see what you’re seeing
  •  Feeling like an outsider and not ‘fitting in’
  •  Feeling the pressure to live by a higher set of standards than others
  • Sensing you have important knowledge to contribute AND not sure how to contribute your insights

As a 6th Line Being who is consistently growing into your authentic self, it’s time to learn how to show up so that:
You are aligned as your most authentic self, naturally ~~ you feel aligned with your aura frequency that serves you ~~ you’re attracting the people and places organically to be heard AND asked for your magnificent knowledge, experience, awareness and embodiment wisdom.

“Role Models carry a collective responsibility to assist humanity to move from lower emotional vibrations to the higher realms of individualized spiritual awakenings.” ~ Nattalee K Lillico

Imagine ~ how it would feel to be valued
and recognized for your experiences and observations!

“I loved interacting with other 6th line Beings. In our groups I felt relaxed to be myself and enjoyed learning from others. In the past I had a tendency to worry and get caught-up in my head.  I learned how to use my breath and self-awareness to bring myself back to center, to feel calmer and to live more in the present. I am grateful to know how to live with integrity and to be  a more effective Role Model. I am inspired by Nattalee’s caring nature.   Thank you, Nattalee!” AM (6/2 Emo MG)
“I realize I am not alone with many of my feelings and perceptions. I found the information and practices extremely helpful and reassuring.  This information has allowed me to be more patient, accepting and understanding with myself.” KD (4/6 Sp. Projector)

6thLine copy6th Line Being, would it serve you to …. Explore with other like-minds and discover the importance of being a Role Model?  Discover the power of the unconscious and conscious 6th line so that you can tap into your highest potential energy available? Sense, know and feel the differences between the lower and higher frequencies of the 6th line potentials? Establish strong, intimate connections with those who are working on and through their own 6th line destiny?

Would it serve you to join the next 6 live interactive
and inspiring tele-gatherings (phone/Skype) beginning on March 9, 2016?

                       This offer is ONLY for 6th Line Profile Beings. Class size is limited to 12.

You are invited, asked and initiated to join us…

Are you ready to join us? Pay Button

Your investment includes 6 live 70-minute interactive tele-gatherings (recorded) each with a unique Energy Healing Transmission to support your authentic expression and expand your intuition.
Plus, each attendee will have a personal analysis with Nattalee for one of the following:

  • Human Design Foundation  ~ Understand your innate mechanics to move about personally and professional as your unique expression.
  • Venus Releaved Sessions ~ Understand your emotional and mental triggers and how to untangle them to have more harmony and peace in your relationships.
  • Life Cycle Sessions (Chiron, Uranus Opposition, or Solar or Saturn) ~ At each decade (30, 40, 50 & 60) we enter a unique 7 years process.  These cycles are key crossroads in our lives. Life Cycle Sessions have information for you that equip you with important markers and guide posts you’ll need to make these transitions as smooth as possible. Transition points can be confusing. Don’t let the unknown or your past distract or impede your growth. Each transition comes with a lesson plan which forces you to make some tough decisions. With the knowledge and reassurance contained in these session you’ll feel better prepared, supported and confident for any difficult or sudden changes.

Your Package includes: 6 Tele-gathering and energy transmissions = Valued at $300
PLUS, Personal Analysis sessions with Nattalee = Valued at $225.00
Total Package Valued at $525

One time payment $360 (Save $165)
Or 2 payments of $195 (Save $135)

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What kind of self care tools do 6th Line Beings need?  What are the 3 phases of 6th Line Beings process?  Is this group correct for you?  Watch this video to find out.  Next tele-gathering begins on March 9, 2016. 

“We have a deep 6th line mutation that‘s at work that‘s leading us into the beginning of a new cycle and under the 6th line influence.” ~ Ra Uru Hu

transmit6th Line Beings, you carry a profound mutative force for our evolutionary changes that are happening on our planet – Now. The Human Design System teachings define the importance of our current cycle between 2012 and 2027. 6th Line Beings carry a collective responsibility to assist humanity to move from lower emotional vibrations to the higher realms of individualized spiritual awakenings. Are you prepared?
Many time you may feel you’re out of place or maybe just ahead of your time. Perhaps you’re already vibrating in higher realms. Often when you  travel in higher realms the personality (Spiritual Ego) can display some lower vibration characteristics, such as: aloofness, isolation, arrogance, inaccessibly, disassociation or hypocrisy.  This is not about judgement or making wrong but to observe and be aware of  your potential conditioning.  At times you can come across to others as being distant, un-grounded even superior which can be painful and disappointing for others, and for you to endure.
At your core you have a deep knowing there is no ‘better than’, but that we are all in this together. To experience more higher frequencies watch for and notice opportunities to: cultivate authentic connection with others by being interested and involved, practice personal responsibility, prioritize caring for your soul, embracing being a vehicle for spirit, practice grounding and being open to transparency.
Your calling is to follow your Strategy and Inner Authority to bring your wisdom and authentic Self as a Role Model. Its essential that you trust in your visions for a better world while keeping your mundane practical priorities at the forefront. As you do this for yourself, you are doing your part to mutate each and every living being on this planet to do the same.

Many times the journey of 6th Line Being leaves them feeling lonely, confused or frustrated.
Can you relate?
Join our 6th Line Being tele-gatherings with individuals who appreciate your journey
and can support you to further relax into yourself.

“The way I see myself and my life has shifted drastically from this tele-gathering. I’ve become more objective and aware of my role in my life.  I experience deeper feelings of self-respect and appreciation for my role. I notice I am more centered, grounded and calm. Thank you for your wonderful support Nattalee!” E.N. 6/3, Emotional MG
“As a 6th line herself, Nattalee is able to truly connect with me.  She is able to see right to the core of me which is so comforting and encouraging.  I get to practice being me releasing any pretense of trying to fit a mold.” E.M. 3/6Emotional MG

Connecting with like-minds can easy the pressure and responsibility
you feel as well as support your capacity
to move through life with more ease and grace.

What you’ll experience and take from our gatherings:

  • Co-creating in the now. Exploring many of the 6th Line theme topics that naturally arises
  • Gain insight to experience more of your inherent transmissions and higher frequencies for each of the three phases: 0-28, 28-48 and after 50 years.
  • Acquire skills that will strengthen your confidence, peace of mind and enhance your intuition
  • Learn from experiences and practical  wisdom to increase your awareness of the  psychological and physical hazards of the 6th line Beings
  • Learn ways to compliment your personal and professional relationships
  • Nourish your desire for a like-minded community
  • Gain a deeper appreciation for your contribution and transmission

“Every 6th line being carries the magic of the future, it carries the magic of what’s possible for a human being, what’s possible for any human being if they’re fortunate enough in this life to come in contact with this knowledge and they get to experiment with it and see for themselves. ” Ra Uru Hu

Our 6th Line Beings tele-gatherings will meet 6 times.
Group size is limited to 12 participants.
Gatherings meet on Wednesday at 6:15 pm Pacific/ 2:00 am GMT
(get your local time zone here)
Each Gathering is 75 minutes in length and is recorded for you.

Tele-Gathering Dates Are:

March 9, 16, 23 (no group on March 30th)
April 6, 13, & 20

You can connect with our lively tele-gathering from your home phone or Skype.
Call in number given upon registration.

If possible, it is best to use a land line or have a wire connection for your Skype.

Tele-gatherings are facilitated by Nattalee K Lillico.


Nattalee K Lillico
Nattalee' Human Design Chart

Sacral Generator, 6.2 Profile, INC Left Angle, Cross of Healing

Since 1999, when Nattalee first heard “wait to respond,” she has been embodying the mechanics of Human Design. Her rich blend of metaphysical studies combined with her practical and contemporary leadership style will support your awakening process with tender precision.
Prerequisite: a Human Design Foundation reading prior to attending the 6th Line Being Gathering with a certified analyst. Want to schedule your foundation session with Nattalee?

Are you ready to join us?


Your Package includes: 6 Tele-gathering and energy transmissions = Valued at $300
PLUS, Personal Analysis sessions with Nattalee = Valued at $225.00
Total Package Valued at $525


One time payment $360 (Save $165)
Or 2 payments of $195 (Save $135)

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Other 6th Line Beings want you to know:

“Your ability to transmit energy while delivering very practical and specific strategies are priceless.  All 6/2’s should counsel with you during their  Chiron return. I had no idea the importance of the Chiron return and how it impacted my chart.” Monique, (6.2 Manifestor)
Video Gratitude from Brian Ridgeway (6.2 Manifestor)
“I learned so much abut myself. Excellent group dynamic exercises. Nattalee is as sharp and insightful as they come.  Thank You for presenting this valuable knowledge in this format.” Leon (6.2 Reflector)
“I love learning about myself and how I can be more real with people.  Your influence has stayed with me and helped me shift my work and personal relationships.  I am very happy about that.” Kel (4.6 Projector)
“It felt so great to be seen and valued by Nattalee like no other time in my life. She was more than simply pleasant because of her frank, accepting and playful manner; she is focused, insightful and personable.”
Sarah  (6.2 Profector)
“I experience several dramatic shifts and insights from my energy sessions. I’ve had a handful of initiations from significant teachers, gurus, and energy workers in my life, my session experiences with Nattalee definitely felt like one of them.” Thank you. ~ Trista (6.2 Manifestor)

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