Keeping up with our changing times requires a whole lot more resilience and resoluteness than most had anticipated. Did you miss the boat?  Are you doomed for despair and victimization?  No way!

One of the most amazing aspects of chaos
is that it contains constant motion and flow.

At any moment, we can choose to flow with peace, calm, and hopefulness.  The keyword is the moment. When we can identify we are moving to overwhelm, there is still the awareness to redirect our thoughts and actions.

I rely on favorite sing-along music, friendships, and nature to keep me centered.

Other tools come in my weekly emails. One is from Bobby Kline a poet and psychotherapist, who writes I Ching interpretations.
Excerpted from this weeks’;
“Do not allow your light to be dimmed by the chaos and fear around you. Shine like the sun at midday. Live consciously and be love. And please, lighten up: tell a joke this week, and laugh at the wonder of it all.”

Pretty good advice for any situation we encounter.

Another notable website to enjoy with many free movies, articles, short videos, and global events is the Uplift website.

We are all in this together. When we uplift ourselves, it sends a wave of peace out to the world.

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