Letting Go offered you an invitation to examine old patterns, false identities, and possible changes in a habit or relationship.

No matter your circumstances this year, we all have had to say goodbye to people, places, projects, and parts of ourselves we once held dearly.

  • What area of life did you excel in in 2022?
  • What gems and wins will you carry forward into 2023?

This season of gratitude brings an opportunity to meet both: the loss of the seeds that did not make it to harvest and appreciate your kernels of satisfaction.

How to cultivate feelings of appreciation?

Being in gratitude or having feelings of appreciation is the most effective way to shift any negative situation or elevate your consciousness.

Intellectually and experimentally, you know this. Yes?

Do you have a gratitude journal or practice? This practice is not one more thing to do, and it is the way of doing or not doing anything at any time. Simply, you could feel agitated when waiting in line, or you could be glad for the 20 seconds to switch your phone to your favorite song.

Even in grief or significant loss, our bodies know and will guide us to be in nature, indulge in reflection, or read inspiring poems. Our body blesses us every day when we listen. Do you thank your body’s wisdom every day?

Appreciation is fertilizer

Gratitude can profoundly impact our personal lives and the world at large. Feeling grateful increases happiness and reduces stress. It is advisable for our health, as well as for the health of those around us.

Life is about relationships, whether they last a minute or a lifetime. Expressing sincere appreciation improves any relationship. What is your son, sister, or co-worker doing that generates positivity or support?
Pause here and write two examples. Then tell or text them what you recognize.

From my heart to yours

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Thank you, Human Design, for the privilege to know and love my inner being, insights into human behavior, awareness of life cycles, showing me purpose, and most importantly, the wisdom to not take all of this too seriously.

“After letting go, forgiveness practices, egoic patterns, reactions, impulses, shadow work, and releasing our conditioning – what is left is peace, and compassion. It is quiet inside.”

Nattalee K Lillico

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