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What is the Genius Report?

From the Human Design technology emerged a comprehensive tool for professional use, The Genius Report.

It is a profiling tool like Myers-Briggs and others designed to give you a truer understating of your greatest strengths and talents. It can illuminate how you work best as a leader, team member, or business partner. It can even tell you when you should be working alone.

What makes the Genius Report unique is it is based on your genetics from static data; it’s calculated based on your moment of birth, just like Human Design.

The Genius Report captures your uniqueness

  • Reveals natural talents, like presentation skills or innovation abilities

  • Discover what work or business your talents
    best fit

  • Know how your leadership affects others

  • Find ways to better market your business

Other profiling tools are a conclusion from questions you answer based on how you view yourself or who you think you are. As you know, how you feel about yourself can change from moment to moment. For example, remember how you felt after just losing a big client or a presentation disaster. Even having arguments in your home life can impact how you feel about yourself. Conversely, you can be artificially optimistic when you are on a winning streak, a feeling which might not be true at other times.

The Genius report covers levels of analysis that other questionnaires cannot assess. The Genius Report does not replace alternative testing methods and complements them.

Discover your uniqueness, those parts you know, and those you have yet to discover.

Here is a video to help you get started with the Genius Report. See if it is right for you.

Human design genius report

The Purpose Behind the Genius Report

The Genius Report prepares you for your future. Many of the old ways of hiring staff or promoting based on seniority are becoming obsolete. The most effective teams and leaders are those who work within their sweet spot, know their strengths, and can effectively delegate.

There are no one-size-fit marketing practices or processes, and the most attractive offers flow from the authenticity of the author/s.

Imagine a world where businesses, groups, and individuals contribute in a way that is focused and aligned with who they are – their natural genius!

The Genius Report is a Human Design tool that delivers practical application that empowers your desired results for you and your team.

Are you looking for a breakthrough in your professional development?

Are you seeking a to market yourself or your business with greater easy?

Human Design Client Feedback

Confident Decisions

I am more confident in the choices I make. I have found a smoother way to complete certain activities. I used to think I had to be doing, doing, doing all the time. I was not allowing myself space in between my doing. Over the last 4 months, I’ve been inserting space between my action doing mode and that one thing has made so much different and has brought me so much more pleasure and satisfaction both in the time of doing and the time of being inactive and spacious.

Brian, High-tech Entrepreneur

I own my Leadership

My Genius Report Session touched me and changed me most positively and practically.  I found it to be a straight-up truth, empowering, relevant and concrete. Nattalee transmits confidence and clarity from the point of assuredness. My session was constructive, soothing, intuitive, allowing, and with feminine power that is gracious and inviting. I am inspired to join her in her passion for a spirited life. It changed me, and I’m still evolving from our session because it helped me improve my conversation about myself. Her work is elegant and professional! Her transmission is worth its weight in gold. I highly recommend any professional to explore what Nattalee and the Genius Report can offer.

Annie, Author & Healing Practitioner

I get more done authentically

Going over my Genius Report with Nattalee was liberating. As a Coach and Entrepreneur, it has been easy to judge me as not disciplined enough or as too playful and just not focused. Reviewing my report let me see that playfulness and dabbling and then getting a lot done at the moment is where my Genius lies. Now I celebrate my playfulness and my eclectic way of being and let those lead my way. It has made working more playful, and therefore I get lots more done. Thank you, Nattalee!

Jean, Entrepreneur & International Facilitator