In April 2018 Forbes completed its yearly corporate learning fact book which revealed the worldwide spending on training and development is $206 Billion with the US spending over $90 Billion, and investment is on the rise. The same is true for training Entrepreneurs.

Employees and Entrepreneurs want to work with purpose-driven, values-aligned organizations. Over 50% of millenniums surveyed would take a pay cut for an opportunity to work at a company that is aligned with their values.

Leaders understanding who they are at their best is effective leaders who can lead and inspire confidently.

Mega dollars are being invested in learning how to market your business, yet the results increasing sales are low, estimated at less than 10%.
That’s a crime.

You are a uniquely wired person that has a unique success formula imprinted in your genetic makeup.
The adage “success is an inside job” is pointing you in the right direction.

Marketing and operating your business (or career) based on your uniqueness is a game-changer.

The Genius Report is a profiling tool for professional use, similar to Myers-Briggs, DISC, Gallup, and others. It is designed to give you a truer understating of your most considerable talents. It can illuminate how you work best as a leader, a team member, or as a business partner. It can even tell you when you should be working alone.

This tool shows you a way to reduce the pressures on yourself and to be more satisfied and thriving in the material world — something we all desire.

What makes the Genius Report unique is that it is based on static data: your moment of birth. This is utilizing the same genetics found in your Human Design Chart and written in life-affirming and useful vocabulary.

Other profiling tools are based on questions about how you view yourself or who you think you are. As you know, how you feel about yourself can change from moment to moment. For example, remember how you felt after just losing a big client or presentation disaster. Even having arguments in your home life can impact how you feel about yourself. Conversely, you can be artificially optimistic and positive when you are on a winning streak, a feeling which might not be right at other times.

The Genius Report data is not changeable. It is static, and it encompasses more than just your personality or how you feel about yourself at that moment. It captures your uniqueness, those parts you know, and those you have yet to discover.

Stay tuned for a guided tour through the Genius Report. Look under the hood to find how it can guide and enhance how you market your business, negotiate, work best with others, make decisions, and much more.

Group Coaching Programs

This is not your typical business marketing coaching program. This program is driven by your uniqueness, not the marketplace or what others are doing on Facebook or Instagram.

Learn and progress with like-minds in community and partnership. Economize your time and money by discovering and implementing

  • Your unique strength
  • Your most aligned way to contribute to the material world
  • The role in life you are uniquely designed for
  • How to play to your advantage
  • Strategies for growing your business, from the inside out

Nattalee is available for a private consultation, on-going coaching, workshops and presentations on Aligning with your Design and applying this revolutionary science for personal and professional success.
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