Rarely do I speak on politics or any specific social events. Not particularly from denial but from a deeper calling to stay focused on my mission and support others to do the same.  However, considering all that has happened in our worldly affairs of late, I offer you my voice, light and hope.

Love triumphs over hate – always!

Etched in my mind, like it was yesterday, are the events of 9/11, the media hype, and the collective reactions from outrage to unification. 9/11 served as a great training ground for me and I imagine it did for you as well. For me personally, I learned:

  • Feel my feelings
  • Gather with other like minds to express my feelings and give/get support
  • Come back to my core, my soul’s calling and recommit to stay true and strong
  • Do or give what I can to those directly effected in prayer, action and financial aide

Watching the Women’s March on Saturday, January 21, 2017, made my heart sing! As a young child of the 60’s I remember Gloria Steinem, now 82, as a journalist and activist pioneer for equal rights. She is a true role model and a reminder to never give up on yourself and what you believe in.

I invite you to seek ways to keep your light and your mission alive. I invite you to get support and encouragement to move through any fear or dark emotions that arise during these revolutionary times. If you sense I can support you, feel free to utilize my complimentary 20-minute phone consultation. No pressure rather presence and connection.

I invite you to leave your comments and connect with light minds.


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