Are you feeling the aggravation that ‘something’ has to change, but you’re not sure what? Or, you know things are changing quickly, and it seems to be overwhelming. Perhaps you are shocked at the people, places, and things in your life seem to be rearranging themselves – right before your eyes.

Have you been feeling conflicted or obsessed about how you express yourself professionally?

You are not alone!
All your anxieties are a regular part of your process.

Believe it or not – you are right on track.

There are critical crossroads in our lives which happen for everyone at specific times. One major crossing occurs at the age of 47 – 52. At this intersection, you are asked to yield and exam your life. You don’t “have to” stop and look, but it sure helps smooth out the rough spots.

This transition point can be confusing as you are morphing and feeling different than you have in the past.
Nattalee talks about the cycle of life, turning 50.

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” ~ Helen Keller

Change ahead

When turning 50, you will notice uncomfortable feelings at times, like aggravation and deep frustration. This is due to a planetary transition causes these upsets called the Chiron return. Chiron is considered a comet, often called the Wounded Healer; it indicates where we have healing potential and power. When we are integrating real power, it can cause us to feel very confused and uncomfortable.

From a respected astrologer, Eric Frances, explaining the influence of Chiron:

Another way to look at healing is as a process of becoming aware. We give unique words to describe this awareness, such as “enlightenment,” “mastery,” “expertise,” “spirituality,” and so forth. But knowledge is awareness. The choice to use it, I might add, is another story entirely. Where Chiron is present in the natal chart, and where Chiron is acting by transit (that is, where the current position of Chiron is working upon the natal chart), we will feel some form of need, desire or compulsion to raise our awareness.

Chiron is associated with healing crises, that is, the conscious confrontation of that which makes us sick or holds us back, and inspires the ultimate use of such “negative” things as opportunities to grow and learn. In this way, pain and suffering do not enter our lives to teach us a lesson, but rather, we learn how to learn lessons from that which would otherwise be a pointless struggle.

Both Astrology and Human Design recognize the importance of Chiron and its effects as a life-changing event. Human Design regards it as a 7-year cycle that begins around 47 years of age.  It is then that you’re presented with an opportunity to heal some of the deepest struggles from your past and awaken to more authentic love, joy, and fulfillment.

Metaphorically your Chiron Return brings you a new set of clothes or costume to try on. Your new attire gives you superpowers to make drastic changes (if need be) to reclaim your authenticity and redefine your life purpose, relationship preferences, and work contributions.

The more aware you are of your new costume, the more you can cultivate your uniqueness and happiness.

When I was approaching my 50th, it seems every area of my life was being turned upside down. I had an undiagnosed health condition that forced me to leave my job, which in turn had me stay in a karmic relationship that was way past the expiration date.  I had to make drastic changes but did not have the resources to see them through. What I didn’t know then was in time I would see how my difficulties made me a more genuine, confidence, and calmer person.

The difficulties of life are intended to make us better, not bitter. ~ Author Unknown

There are many ways to handle life’s difficulties.  Doing it alone is hardest of all. I invite you to get support and validation to navigate your transition times. Don’t miss out on one of the greatest opportunities of your life to shine with confidence and capture more peace of mind.

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What others say about their Chiron sessions..

Thank you so much for an amazing Chiron return reading. I had no idea the importance of the Chiron return and how it impacted my chart. You were able to confirm so many ‘changes’ happening that I had been intuiting. Wow! thanks again, Monique, (6.2 Manifestor)

A few years ago, Nattalee introduced me to my Human Design chart.  Her analysis and mentoring has helped me understand how I can get the most from my energy dynamics in a very practical way. Recently in 2014, I re-engaged with Nattalee for a Chiron return, Solar return and additional mentoring sessions. I gained invaluable insight on myself emotionally, spiritually as well as how to manage some material issues.  There is so much to gain from having a Uranus, Chiron and Solar Return session.  Nattalee is very patient and a wonderful listener. I felt at easy speaking on all aspects of my life. Working with her has made big difference for me. I highly recommend anyone who is at a crossroads or transition point in their life to consider working with Nattalee. Thank you and best regards, Shih Shen (Technology Sales and Bus Development, Singapore)