The world as we have known it is changing quickly. As these structures crumble and reconstruct themselves (before our eyes, daily) the safest place for you is to look inside yourself and to those closest to you.

computer_maze My childhood imprint was from Christian values. The messages embedded in me were to work hard, get a good job, do good, and be good and you’ll be taken care of. Well…some of that may be true but it is only valid if it comes from inside my inner knowing/guidance. I ‘tried’ to follow the program that had been planted. I failed. I burned out several times. In 1999 I was introduced to the Human Design System* which radically changed my understanding of work, how I approached my career and mostly it changed how and what I give/invest my energy into.

Maybe you can relate? Perhaps you have been following the program of previous generations and have clock watched while you hit the wall of frustration and burnout.

Have you escaped the program, followed your heart and still, find you’ve overextended yourself by working hard to do it all on your own. You sense something is just not right or missing.

The gift in getting burned out in our career is to look for alternative perspectives and possibilities. You have a choice to try harder or be open to recapturing what is true for you.


Your heart’s calling is waiting for you. Within you is the gifts and talents required to fulfill that wish.  Your wish fulfilled may not ‘look’ how you think it ‘should’.  But you can trust that your inner calling is directly related to your potential, gifts, talents, and natural genius.

Your wishes and desires are waiting to unfold through you. No one else will get them; just you. It is NEVER too late to make the changes you might have been holding back on out of fear or doubt.

Schedule your session (and get your full report) and gain practical next steps to unleash your genius at work, or how to turn your passions into a profitable and satisfying business.


*Birthed from the Human Design System is the GeniusReport which is a concise and unusual analysis of our talents, potentials, and leadership written in business language. It describes our natural abilities that one can easily accomplish which another person may not be able to achieve even when trying very hard. From your GeniusReport you will learn about your: leadership style * impact within teams and organizations * favored environment * how your mind works * how you make decisions * your negotiation style and more.

What is Genius Report Coaching?

Nattalee is available for a private consultation, on-going coaching, workshops, and presentations on Aligning with your Design and applying this revolutionary science for personal and professional success.
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A Note about the GeniusReport: Your report does not state a job description. This tool is designed to highlight your strengths and talents that can help you understand your preferred working environments and how you are best designed to be successful in the business world. It is recommended but not required to have at least one session with a GeniusReport coach to best utilized its contents for your specific aspirations.