Human Design is a path for personal transformation.
Where does that path lead to?

There’s a colloquial saying that is often directed to self centered people that goes “It’s all about you!” The harm in that statement doesn’t come from the words but the tone and intent behind it.  Those on this path have experienced some resent or offense from others as they followed their designs’ strategies.  If you’re new to Human Design, and testing out your authentic decisions process on your closest relationships, know that it does get easier.
Living a life that “It’s all about me!” is not about ego or about being right. Rather it is experiencing life that is directed by your unique decision strategy. Authentic direction nudges you to exchanging and investing your energy in what has resonance and quality, for you. Rarely are you guided to stressful chaotic combative situations, unless of course, that kind of experience is calling you.  Either way, it takes courage to listen to and follow your body’s wisdom.

Man standing in contemplation

“There’s a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen!” Rumi

There’s been, in the past, an epidemic called self sacrificing. We’ve all been afflicted by it. It resembles when we make choices to please or put others first. Inevitably the person or event that we’ve sacrificed for brings more pain than satisfaction in the end. A break from this wave is to learn and follow your inner authority. Using your strategies you become more confident in your choices and experience more affection for Self.

I invite you to a challenge:
between now and the end of the year
place yourself first in all your decisions.

Self-Coaching Questions:

  • What decisions are in play?
  • What is calling to your energy for attention?
  • What is your inner wisdom guiding you to?

If you’ve been experimenting with your Human Design strategy for a while; consider, where or with whom do you fall prey to your mind traps or conditioning?
If you’re new to experimenting with your inner authority; have you jumped in with both feet? Do you allow yourself more time to make your decisions? Are you aware when your inner guidance has nudged you? Where have you put others first and denied your guidance?

Are you up for the challenge?

We are at the pinnacle of unprecedented changes in our world. Knowing and following your strategy and inner authority is more important than ever. It is way too easy to fall back to old habits or just going along on a worn-out path. Both are a drain on your precious life force energy and to echo allow more pain than satisfaction for all concerned.   Before you commit yourself to something that you feel so-so about, pause and ask yourself; is this how/what I want to invest myself?

Those on the path of Human Design
are pioneers and revolutionaries.

Would you like to learn from them and their experience with following their inner authority?

Join us, November 27 for our monthly free tele-gathering when Nattalee K Lillico and Pamela Melton co-facilitate a discussion on inner authority.

~ How do I use Human Design in my life? ~

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